Monday, October 13, 2008

Aerial hunting is not so radical.
Cavemen flew around on terradactyls

hunting their prey

as we do today

with spears for automatic rifles.

Voices from Main Street:

Limericks unfiltered by the media elite:

from Charlie:

Palin was picked by McCain
to revive a lackluster campaign.
No need to be fretting,
the hell with the vetting!
She'll play to my base: the insane.

from Michele:

Between trackin' and huntin' and shootin'
and saving our bacon from Putin
where did you find time
to dabble in crime
and sabotage officer Wooten?

from Ian:

I can't believe what I read in the news!
Of course, there's just no way it is true –
you've no reason to be afraid:
Palin knows more than Roe v Wade:
I hear she wrote the landmark Shotgun v Moose.

from Cabob:

Her smile shines just like the sun's rays.
For McCain she's got nothing but praise.
But if she gets elected,
we'll all be affected,
as she legislates the End of Days.

from Robyn:

So speaketh the pageant finalist:
"Investigate this dometic terrorist!"
Sarah's nostrils may flare
but who really cares
we need her to be a better economist.

from Don:

Sarah Palin was booed on the rink
as her poll numbers went down the sink.
But there on the ice
she tried to make nice
as she cowered with child and a wink.

America is raising it limerickal voice in overwhelming numbers! Thanks to everyone who has submitted their thoughts--we'll be hearing much more from Main Street in the coming days.