Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah made her warrior’s pledge
atop the elder’s mountain ledge.
He anointed this knight
with the oils of the right,
with a sword, and its double edge.

Voices from Main Street: What Rhymes with Palin?

Forget the polls. These limericks have been coming in recently--and the media elite only needs to turn to these rhymes to understand the "politcal climate," or whatever fancy term they use for the temperature on Main Street:

Tarp Lazer Palin:

O the Liberal Left is a-wailin'
and the common consumer's downscalin'
on his packs of cold Pabst
(for his budget's collapsed)
and for hope he's not looking to Palin.


There once was a wannabee VP
whose faults were plain for the press to see
"If you can't stop complainin'
about the media, Ms. Palin -
on a bridge to nowhere you will be!"


There once was a candidate Palin
whose integrity always was failin'.
Inciting the mob,
and bad at her job,
the McCain campaign is now flailing!


There was a young woman named Palin
who on Democrats went to railin’.
When she opened her mouth
her logic went south.
Now she must get a grade of failin’.

Chris B:

When they trotted out old Sarah Palin
all those hordes started gnashin' and wailin'
"Had enough of Hussein!"
and "Don't know about Spain!"
Come November let's hope they'll be failin'!


There once was a woman named Palin
Who had ludicrous ideas for the bailin'-
out of a nation whose wealth
was disappearing as stealth,
as the Republican party is flailing.