Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They howl that Obama's not decent,
and froth against Arab sentiment.
That coy little winker
has them hook, line and sinker.
Their design: far from intelligent.

Voices from Main Street:

Limericks unfiltered by the media elite:


Oh Governor Palin, tell me where and when
did you get that American flag lapel pin?
Does third-wave feminism mean
that you must glitter to be seen?
Or do your rhinestones help you rise above the din?

Tarp Lazer Palin:

So the truth it stretches and bends
round the vows that my Sarah pretends…
But for less or for more
there's good land off the shore
we'd be happy to sell ya, My Friends.


Witch hunters can give you their blessin's,
and Steve Schmidt can try teachin' ya lessons,
but if to no avail
your campaign still fails,
the option's still there for secession!


The bigots and zealots are bustlin'
the mobs say Obama's a "muslin"
the shell has been cracked
our nation be sacked
by a Palin barbarian invasion.

Speck Backfire:

Now it’s true that Republicans aren’t always verbally dexterous,
they sometimes contract old priests to guard leaders from hexes,
but if you think her credentials
not quite vice-presidential,
don’t ask and don’t tell — for that would be sexist.

Thanks to our contributors (and two Annas) and to everyone who's been sending in limericks. There's a crowd of decent Americans gathering in Main Street--and we'll be hearing much more from them this week.