Thursday, October 23, 2008

Josephine Six Pack is adored
though her folksy image is Dior'd.
This wolf in sheep's clothes
reaps the fabric she sows--
a fashion that no one can afford.

Voices from Main Street:

Limericks unfiltered by the media elite:


You don’t dare ask for whom the bell’s tollin’
just because you don’t like how you’re pollin’.
You just fire up your base

by alluding to race
(Let’s just hope there’s no call to “cleanse” Colin).


Think Jacqueline O from State Fifty.
I say things like “Goshdarn” and “Nifty.”

I got covered in bugs

from my polar bear rugs.

That’s how come I'm always so shifty.


Say only Southern men can win the South?
then mavericks you know nothin' about.

You just switch-up your syntax

to woo those Joe-Six-Packs,

while the elite put their feet in their mouths.

Thanks again to Main Street for spreading the limerickal wealth.