Friday, October 10, 2008

Voices from Main Street:

Limericks unfiltered by the media elite:

From Anna:

For the children of Wasilla Main Street
God bless 'em, you must have a shame streak:
for someone must be wary
of books in the library
in case they make departures from plain-speak.

from Carter:

There one was a V.P. on an odyssey
Who knew so little foreign policy
She confused Iraq for Iran
And thought she’d try for a tan
Hunting pirates in helicopters with Somalis.

from Ryan:

Turn me loose without more of a fuss,
Let me drive that darned Straight Talkin’ bus!
So I put off most women,
And our prospects are dimmin’,
At least ‘all ur base belong 2 us.’”

Thanks to all the hard-working Americans who have sent in limericks. Main Street will continue to be heard.