Thursday, October 16, 2008

Voices from Main Street:

Limericks unfiltered by the media elite:

from Jessica:

She doesn’t know the Doctrine of Bush
and cries foul when journalists push.
She scoffs organizers
preferring Baptizers
and doesn’t believe in primordial mush.

from Tarp Lazer Palin:

To refer to one's self as a maverick
is to say that you're of a new fabric—
but your hem is dipped
in the oil that you've sipped,
so you're dressed like an apparachik.

from Dennis:

If Palin's the gal you desire,
please know that you're playing with fire.
If you don't watch yourself
she will take all your wealth
and will never let you retire.

As always, thanks to our contributors and to everyone on Main Street who is sending in their inspirational limericks.