Friday, October 17, 2008

Voices from Main Street:

from Ryan:

Well Palin claims she’s a straight shooter
(but on ethics she “out-Karls” Scooter)
to even D. Frum
that line don’t look plumb
can she outsource to Joe “Roto-Rooter”?

John in Phoenix:

By suggesting Barack get the "noose,"
Palin's cannon is way too loose.
Though her rednecks are wailin'
Mac's campaign is failin'
seems barracuda relate better to moose.

Dave in Georgia:

Sarah Palin, her spirit so liltin',
towards war with Russia a-tiltin'.
Even next to McCain
that looks pretty insane
I'd rather he'd picked Paris Hilton.

Thanks to everyone on Main Street who's visited The American Center and submitted their limericks.